Hey! Did you know that the Ocean Palms Science Lab was created, funded, staffed, and maintained by the PTO? It’s true! One of our amazing OPE parents, Dr. Lucy Miller, had a vision for a permanent lab where students could conduct hands on experiments and dive deeper into the science curriculum. When a portable became available, the administration and PTO worked with Dr. Miller, a pediatrician, and Dr. Allison Aragon, an OPE parent and veterinarian, to bring the dream to life. They have been unstoppable ever since! Ask your child about their time in the science lab with their class. Thank you to Dr. Miller and Dr. Aragon for being so generous with their time and talents. And thank YOU for joining the PTO and making the “extras” at Ocean Palms possible!

Interested in being part of the OPE Science Lab? Do you have a science background have science experience or just love anything science?

Contact Lucy Miller to find out how you can volunteer: lucysmiller@msn.com